A Shamanic Healing (in person) is 65.00

Professionally trained Shamanic Practitioner

Prior to your arrival I will have undertaken a diagnostic journey on your behalf for purpose of insightful guidance as to which healing treatment is recommended for you by my healing allies at this time.

After a warm welcome on your arrival you will be comfortably settled (fully dressed) onto a luxury style healing couch, situated in a relaxing private healing room environment. When comfortable I will describe in brief, what the healing treatment recommended for you by my diagnostic ally entails so that there will be no surprises. soothing music will be set to play in the background.

Typically the work is done at an energetic body level, most of which takes place away from your body location, and only intermittently do I approach you and even then typically work no closer than say 6-8" above your body, all work is carried out at an energetic level.

The beauty of attending in person is that you can experience the healing space and myself within it, as work is carried out at an energetic level on your behalf, in real time you'll be able to visualise the healing story as you hear me dialogue with my ally.

Each session is voice recorded for purpose that a full witness account can be typed and emailed to you, after which said voice recording is deleted.

A Shamanic Healing (distant) is 55.00

Having been requested by you to do so, I will have undertaken a diagnostic journey on your behalf for purpose of insightful guidance as to which healing treatment is recommended for you by my healing allies at this time,

It is preferred that we agree a day/time, so that whilst I am working on your behalf you are likewise honouring my time and effort by relaxing at your home. It is not unusual for you to have an experience of the session, which is why it is a participatory option for you.

Similarly, I will speak into a voice recorder everything that I witness which post the session will then be typed up and emailed to you. This method offers me the freedom to ask a great many questions of my allies in relation to your treatment, which means that your feedback transcript tends to be fuller and richer than if you had attended in person.

A Shamanic Divination Session is 45.00

Divination is a time tested method whereby audience is sought with a spiritually enlightened wise compassionate loving other by the shamanic practitioner on behalf of the client, in order to request (by direct revelation/oracle means) the answer to a given question.

The Divination Journey question outcome shared with you represents MY EXPERIENCE at an energetic level, typically metaphorical in format and consequently is NOT INTENDED to be viewed by you within a literal context.

All insights are typically relayed to the practitioner in metaphor, for the client to interpret.

The beauty of the metaphor is that it is UNIQUE TO YOU! Only you have the 'key' with which to accurately interpret the wisdoms being offered to you. Metaphoric interpretation encourages a self-reflection process, revealing ever deeper layers of insight and understanding on your part, on what is being brought forward FOR YOUR attention.

Shamanic Counselling is 35.00 per session

The course comprises 6 sessions over 5 weeks

Shamanic Counselling is a 6 session / 5 week course that instructs and guides you through the shamanic journey process, gifting you the means to take ownership of your own healing journey by method of direct revelation and gifting.

Shamanic Counselling combines shamanic journeywork with modern technology (e.g. drumming CD, digital voice recorder) to allow you autonomy in obtaining answers to questions that are important to you.

You will act as your own shaman as you make introductory 20 minute journeys into non-ordinary reality (NOR) for information that is uniquely and personally relevant only to you.

Journeys are typically rich in metaphor, relying on the power of (your) interpretation and reflection in order to bring forward the full
richness of what was imparted to you. By recording the journeys (of which only you have a copy) you are able to listen repeatedly if desired, to a given journey experience, thereby offering you further opportunities for reflective consideration and greater depth of insight.

For each Shamanic Counselling session I will provide you with a safe and comfortable environment within which to undertake a shamanic journey and will also provide the necessary equipment and timely instruction to enable you to do so. Whilst it is not my place to provide substantive answers or interpretations for you, however with over 10 years of shamanic experience and well over 2,000 personal shamanic journeys undertaken by me, I am available for affirmation, encouragement and advice.