Byosen Explained......

BYO - means Toxic

SEN - refers to the glands in our body, it can also mean a 'lump' blocking the flow of body fluid.

So BYOSEN means 'a build-up of toxins causing a blockage in the body fluid such as blood or lymphatic circulations'.

Typical areas where Byosen (e.g. accumulated toxins) will show itself - is in the kidney area, shoulder, neck, head, large joints and sites of prior injury.

Toxins are often inadvertently introduced into our bodies by way of the foods/beverages we choose to consume, possibly containing chemical additives/preservatives, another being the by-product of digestion itself, yet another being medication/drugs.

A typical reaction by the body to an accumulation of toxins is to rid itself by way of - a cold, flue, rash, fever, sickness, diarrhoea etc.

  • However if medicines are introduced, they tend to interrupt this natural process and often by their very nature serve to introduce more toxins into the body!

A typical reaction by the Reiki practitioner, to an area of accumulated toxicity is that of experiencing energetic discomfort in the hands that direct the Reiki.

Byosen is a gift in that it alerts the Reiki practitioner, from an energetic perspective, to the severity of a health problem; it has also been ascertained that Byosen has universally recognised cycles, allowing the Reiki practitioner to make a fairly accurate assessment of how many treatments may be needed. It is also a gift in that as the cycles recede and lessen you know that from an energetic perspective the body is beginning to support its own healing.

Energetic Body Scanning

Another method is that of body scanning - the Reiki practitioner will run their hand slowly down the length of a client - approximately 6 inches above the physical body - they are looking for the experience of either intense heat or intense cold - in the hands that direct the Reiki. If there was a area of the body where that experience was clearly noticeable, then that location would need to be included in that treatment session, being indicative that beneath that hand position there was an accumulation of toxins.

Examples of the perception (by the Reiki practitioner) of the movement of Byosen during a 60 minute Reiki session.

Figure 1: typical of a chronic illness - the intensity of peak and duration are more or less the same.

Figure 2: typical of an acute illness - intense peaks that follow a short and sharp pattern, then tails off - it is anticipated that this illness will heal quickly.

Figure 3: slowly forming byosen - indicative of either the beginning of tension or the early manifesting stages of an illness.

Figure 4: intense byosen that diminishes very slowly or not at all for a while - indicative of a serious illness.

Figure 5: permanent byosen level 5 - often encountered when the body is experiencing a life threatening illness.

Source: This is Reiki by Frank Arjava Petter

Reiki OR Shamanic sessions will offer you invaluable insight in respect of your health and well-being.