A few of the available healing categories available


For me the soul is my spiritual essence, it is the source of my vitality and wisdom, the foundation from which I know and see myself to be; that each and every soul aspect has a specific role to play within my life, that in its completeness it tells me who I truly am, in its completeness it is the power pack that governs my life. The more soul aspects that are lost the more power-less and weakened I would become, leaving me vulnerable to dis-ease and powerful other.

One of the main causes for soul loss is that of a traumatic experience, which whilst on the one hand could be as simple as a startling misstep or fearful walk in the dark; on the other could be an experience of shock, domestic violence, physical/emotional/sexual abuse or the receiving of bad news etc...

Indicators of soul aspect loss can sometimes be evident within a clients unconscious use of lack or loss vocabulary within a conversation. E.g. I feel empty, I dont feel present, I feel my life is happening to someone else, when my husband left me a part of me went with him, when my brother died a part of me died with him, what she did broke my heart etc.

Addictive patterns or partner search behaviours are thought to be a persons unconscious intent to retrieve or replace soul loss occurrences.

Whilst in many instances the departed soul remains close by, sufficient to return unaided, sometimes distance proves too great and they are unable to without shamanic practitioner/journey assistance.

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Power animals serve as a form of protection against illness and disease, the reason being that a power-full body offers a greater resistance to the intrusion of external forces.

It can be likened to having a force field around you, assisting you to become resistant to energetic power stealing intrusions, the shamanic equivalent of infections.

Power animals can address a loss in power or the need for additional power. In other words within a power-filled body there is no room for easy entrance of the intrusive, harmful energies known in ordinary reality as diseases. Losing power of self brings about illness; gaining power of self brings about well-being.

Power animal presence also brings about an increase of alertness, self-confidence and honesty. When we are power filled we are not only immune to diseases, but more alert and confident through greater contact with our intuition, our base of wisdom, and less inclined to operate from a state or place of fear.

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An energetic intrusion typically originates by way of a negative thought or word directed toward self or another (typically in the form of an insult). It is the emotive charge attributed to the thought or word that if you like provides it with the incentive to survive its creation.

For such an intrusion to avail themselves of the target hosts power there requires to be a space of loss within which they can take up residence. Such space of loss could typically be as a result of soul (aspect) loss, or power loss through subservience to a more powerful other. E.g. your energetic space of loss becomes the energetic intrusions space of gain.

Intrusion occupancy can occur at any time and in many different ways, one example being that if a person (with a space of loss) moves close to a person that (unwittingly) hosts an intrusion; said intrusion could simply (energetically) move across. E.g. close proximity to a negative other within a crowd is one way of intrusion energetic transference.

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It is said that all illness originates within the energetic body and that after a period of time, all things remaining equal, its presence will make itself felt within the physical body aspect of which it energetically governs

Within the energetic body there is a myriad of energy lay lines (similar I suspect to those that circumnavigate the Earth), each offering energetic transfer of health affirming life-force energy to all aspects of the physical body form. When, by way of intrusion activity or toxins introduced as a result of preferred lifestyle, chemically enhanced medication or as a by-product of digestion, these avenues become restricted or blocked then it can be expected that at some point physical ailment symptoms will occur.

Whilst the body will look to remove toxins quickly and efficiently, oftentimes the quantity does not allow for a full elimination and so energetic toxic depots are used to spread this toxic overload around the body until such time as they can be eliminated. Primary toxic depot locations are kidneys, shoulders, neck, large joints and sites of prior injury.

A typical (physical) reaction by the body to an over accumulation of toxins, is to try and purge itself by way of - a cold/flu, rash, fever, sickness, diarrhoea etc.

Physical ailments that occur as a result of energetic blockage are however not so easily remedied by the body itself, instead requiring the services of a specialist energetic practitioner so that said blockage can be removed, thus again allowing vital life-force energy to flow around the physical body unrestricted.

At this early stage of energetic compromise ailment indicators are probably insufficient for you to identify specific enough to give it a label, at this stage it would be more a case of intuition, of a knowing that something is not right, that something is awry. It is only as the physical body aspect becomes more compromised that you are able to do so; at which stage you are then able to describe physical symptoms to a medical or other practitioner.

Experience has led me to believe in that shamanic diagnosis can bring forward, for healing attention, ailments that are still pending, in that they are still currently contained within the energetic body, their influence not yet transferred to the physical.

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This shamanic treatment is about the safe and compassionate identification and removal of energetic possession attachments that do not belong to you. E.g. in particular the complete soul essence of one that is not you!

In the main you will rarely, if ever even be aware of their (host) presence, but at an energetic level they will be availing themselves of your vitality, representing a direct breach of your sovereign right to self-governance, and whilst entirely natural is not desirable. They will represent a loss of energetic power on your part.

Oftentimes energetic possession attachment is as a result of convenience rather than kind or unkind intent, you were simply there, as were they.

It has been expressed in that between 70-99% of the population will be an unaware host. As indeed we are to a great many organisms that live upon our form.

Categories of energetic possession
I. is without negative influence, person does not know/ is not consciously aware of said energetic residency
II. is with negative influence/impact on the persons being in some small way

Indicators can sometimes be evident within a clients conversation. E.g. I dont know what came over me; I feel that there is energy in my body that is working against me, not for me; I wasnt myself; I feel that something is creating anxiety within me.

Personal possession attachment examples available upon request.


Curses can be: Intended, unintended or self/family/professionally created

If you go back to before say the arrival of religion, cursing was prolific, indeed there were those that made their living out of being a professional curse creator and indeed even today we blaspheme and curse self and other mostly without question or thought, so it is not a new concept, but rather a very old one!

Thoughts/words and intent hold a lot of power!

Curses are typically created to create havoc, have a harmful outcome or undesired effect to another e.g. stop them meeting their destiny, never to experience true love or prosperity, always feel inferior etc.

A personal example
Curse of Unworthy
I was shown - a jug repeatedly filled, and would watch as the contents were repeatedly tipped into flowing water.
I heard, you did not hold yourself worthy to contain and so you released. You took it upon yourself that you were unworthy to receive; you have empowered this all through your life, which is why you struggle with prosperity or the receiving of gifts
I heard, you drain from your life in order to keep yourself in a place of lack, it feeds your sense of undeserving.

Outcome of curse removal
I now find myself much more comfortable in the presence of prosperity and in the accepting of gifts, I feel a greater sense of self-worth.

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