My Shamanic Healing

The Shamanic Healing Process starts with your giving me consent to undertake a Diagnostic Journey on your behalf, to enlightened compassionate elders who will typically offer me insight and guidance as to which treatment will best meet or serve your health and welfare needs at this time!

Insight and Guidance will typically direct me to one of the following treatment categories:
Note: whilst most treatments can be carried out using the distance method of by proxy, some will require that you attend in person.

Category AILMENT (Physical / Emotional)

    Physical ailments can arise in a multitude of ways:
  • Sickness / Illness / Surgery
  • The outcome of an accident (e.g. torn muscle, broken bone)
  • Occupational hazard (e.g. repetitive strain injuries / frozen shoulder)
  • Strenuous activity (e.g.hobby or D.I.Y.)
  • Or unwittingly introduced as a by-product of a given lifestyle choice (e.g. preference for chemically enhanced medication)
  • to name but a few.

    Our emotional body (possibly more vulnerable), can likewise arise in a multitude of ways:

  • Negative thoughts held in respect of a relationship breakdown
  • Negative thoughts held in respect of self
  • Negative thoughts held in respect of home/work environment
  • to name but a few.

  • Treatment: at an energetic level - remedial remedy is offered as a method or means of assisting your return to a former state/sense of
  • well-ness.

Category SOUL LOSS (fragment aspect)

Is typically where as a result of emotional/physical trauma, a soul fragment (aspect) chooses to depart, being the bodys mechanism of pain survival. Indicators can sometimes be evident within a clients unconscious use of lack or loss terminology within a conversation. E.g. I feel empty, I dont feel present, I feel my life is happening to someone else etc.

Whilst in many instances the departed soul remains close by, sufficient to return unaided (in time), sometimes distance removed to proves too great and they are unable to without (shamanic practitioner) assistance.

Addictive patterns or partner search behaviours are thought to be a persons unconscious intent to retrieve or replace soul loss occurrences.

  • Treatment: at an energetic level - soul fragments are located and retrieved ready for return, first they will be asked if they wish to return,
  • their reason for leaving and also what gifts they return with. Each soul fragment aspect returns of its own volition, doing so with no retained memory of the trauma associated with their departure. They return as pure soul essence.


Usually typified by a chronic malady e.g. persistent ill-health, on-going misfortune, lack of vitality, feeling mildly depressed.

Shamanic cultures believe that when we are born the spirit of at least two power animal allies volunteer to journey with us, offering us aspects of their strength and vitality.

Sometimes there is a need to increase the number of (power) animal allies in order to re-dress the balance of (power) loss e.g. giving ones power away, which can take many forms, the inability of being able to say no, allowing another to make your decisions, becoming drained of energy when in the presence of another.

  • Treatment: at an energetic level - retrieval of a power animal ally(s)


Typically originates by way of a negative thought attachment. Thoughts have an energetic form and identity - and in situ can cause energetic disruption, which in turn can result in localised health problems.

If you think of all the negativity that is prevalent in a typical day, odds are high in that if there is an gap within your energetic body, as a result of say soul loss, negative thought form(s) generated by self/other may well choose to take up residence, in so doing will over time, only serve to hinder or prevent ones sense of well-being, as they are a primary source of energy loss.

  • Treatment: at an energetic level - compassionate removal of energetic intrusion(s)


This shamanic treatment is about the safe and compassionate identification and removal of any energetic qualities that do not belong to you. E.g. in particular the soul essence of one that is not you! In the main you will rarely, if ever even be aware of their (host) presence, but at an energetic level they will be availing themselves of your vitality, representing a direct breach of your sovereign right to self-governance, and whilst entirely natural is not desirable. Oftentimes energetic quality residence is as a result of convenience rather than kind or unkind intent, you were simply there.

If you consider how many of a given population are not aware or do not seek understanding in respect of the death process e.g. move toward the light etc., in my opinion suggests that odds are high in that many (lost) energetic (soul) qualities remain in and around those living; purely because they dont know how to return from whence they originated; and then there are those that make the choice to remain for personal reasons or simply to experience another (human) round!

It has been expressed in that between 70-99% of the population will be an unaware / unwitting host.

    Most common are:
  • Without negative influence, person does not know / is not consciously aware of said energetic residency
  • There is an influence/impact on the persons being in some way e.g. physical/mental (health/sense of wellbeing)

Indicators can sometimes be evident within a clients conversation. E.g. I dont know what came over me; I feel that there is energy in my body that is working against me, not for me; I wasnt myself; I feel that something is creating anxiety within me. (examples stated are from clients)

  • Treatment: at an energetic level - compassionate identification and removal of energetic quality(s). (*Client attendance required)

Category ANCESTRAL LINE BLOCKAGE (Removal / Resolution)

Many labels are given to this one to include: Jinx/Curse/Misfortune/Bad Luck etc. Typically a label descriptive of the fact that circumstance invariably cripples and/or confuses people, their relationships and/or their lives.

  • E.g. it will be set to rise up at a critical point (e.g. to invoke a self-limiting response), to ensure curse intention is carried out e.g. family never to experience true love or prosperity etc., such happening will always appear to be jinxed.

I feel this one is best explained by way of personal example: e.g. Curse of Unworthy

I cannot remember whether I, or another, placed this curse upon me.

If you go back to before say the arrival of religion, cursing was prolific, and indeed even today we blaspheme and curse self and another, so it is not a new concept, but rather a very old one!

    Diagnostic Journey Outcome
  • I was repeatedly shown a jug filled to the brim, and then shown the contents being tipped into flowing water.
  • I heard you did not hold yourself worthy to contain and so you released. You took it upon yourself that you were unworthy to receive; you have empowered this all through your life, which is why you struggle with prosperity or the receiving of gifts.
  • I heard you drain from your life in order to keep yourself in a place of lack, it feeds your sense of undeserving.

  • Treatment: A further diagnostic journey is required in order to ascertain exact details pertaining to the ancestral line blockage. My allies
  • will then move to the moment prior to the setting up of the blockage and it will be dismantled before it was ever activated. It will be as if it had never been set in the first place. It will be removed from all related family members past, present, future. (*Client attendance (ideally) required)


When I am requested to hold Sacred Space it tends to be so that another, as in not an ally that typically works with me, can come forward and work on an aspect of the client. This category can be absolutely fascinating to watch as often times it relates to or includes ancestors being present.
I am reminded of one such treatment where it looked as if the ancestors were holding onto (?) and their doing so did not serve my client, that (?) needed to be released by each of those present. There was one that looked as if she just could not do so, I must own that I sobbed so heartfelt was her anguish at having to do so. To witness the beauty of those present, who had, comforting her so that eventually she also let go.
Others examples defy the imagination. But without a single shadow of doubt in my mind, the healing received is of fundamental importance to my client.

My Shamanic Blog has several examples for you to look at.