Shamanic Counselling

Harner Shamanic Counselling (HSC) is a copyrighted system based upon classic shamanism, with the addition of certain important innovations created by Michael Harner, through years of his own practice of shamanic Counselling.

Dr M Harner (1929-2018) is widely acknowledged as the worlds foremost authority on experiential and practical shamanism, and has had an enormous influence on both the academic and non-academic worlds alike.

As the founder and (former) president of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Dr. Michael J Harner (and his wife) pioneered the introduction of classical core shamanism and the shamanic drum journey to present day life and is recognized as the world leader in this movement. (FSS website)

Michael and Sandra Harner
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Copyright 1985, 1988, 1991, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2009

Shamanic Counselling combines shamanic journeywork with modern technology (e.g. drumming CD, digital voice recorder) to allow you autonomy in obtaining answers to questions that are important to you. You will act as your own shaman as you make a 15 or 20 minute journey into non-ordinary reality for information that is uniquely and personally relevant only to you.

Journeys are typically rich in metaphor, relying on the power of (your) interpretation and reflection in order to bring forward the full richness of what was imparted to you. By recording the journeys (of which only you have a copy) you are able to listen repeatedly if desired, to a given journey experience, thereby offering you further opportunities for reflective consideration and greater depth of insight.

For each shamanic counselling session I will provide you with a safe and comfortable environment within which to undertake a shamanic journey, and will also provide the necessary equipment and timely instruction to enable you to do so.

Whilst it is not my place to provide substantive answers or interpretations for you, however with many years of shamanic experience and well over 1,000 personal shamanic journeys undertaken by me, I am available for affirmation, encouragement and advice.

Week 1   I typically combine session 1 (history and methodology) and 2 (guided first shamanic journey).
Week 2   session 3   you will follow your first shamanic journey footsteps, but this time with a question you would like answered.
Week 3   session 4   you will be guided on your first upper realm shamanic journey.
Week 4   session 5   you will follow your previous upper realm journey footsteps, but this time with a question you would like answered.
Week 5   session 6   you have the choice to journey either lower/upper in respect of ascertaining a greater depth of answer to the question you asked in your previous sessions journey.

  • I have found the best results occur if journeys are made within one week of the one previous.
  • Session on session you will be given ever greater autonomy in respect of equipment use, to facilitate an ever growing confidence on your
  •     part in the shamanic journey process.

My Opinion
It is my opinion in that there is no greater gift than being able to journey to those who have our very best interests at heart, who can only ever share the truth with us, and lets face it the truth even if unpalatable is still preferable to an untruth. Truths empower, they allow us to make more informed choices and probably of equal if not greater value is the level of healing that can be accessed by us.

My favourite journey question is are there any messages, insights or healings being held for me? It reminds me of Forrest Gump in that you never know what will come forward!

    Client Instructions
  • There will be a total of 6 sessions to complete the Shamanic Counselling course. (I combine sessions 1 and 2)
  • The taking of mind altering substances within 24 hours of a session, is not advised as it could affect the journey process.
  • The recording of your session journey is sent to you by email, on confirmation of safe receipt, all copies are then deleted by me at my end.
  • It is strongly recommended that you listen to your journey recording at least once more, prior to your next session, so that if further
  •     insights come forward you can bring these to the next session if you would like to.
  • Please dont journey between sessions as it interrupts the process. Once all sessions are completed you can journey as often as you like.
  • Please dont listen to the recordings whilst driving! listening can send you back into the shamanic state which is not recommended.