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I asked my divination ally for a comment that may encourage a divination journey request of me. After a few moments contemplation he replied.

Tell them to look the road ahead and to write down what they see and then to ask me a question on what would their experience be if they chose to walk down the road they have just seen.

Everyone has a path along which they would like to tread, but often it is not especially clear to them how to get onto it.

Sometimes a question asked lends itself open to an access point upon which a foot tread can be taken and before you know it they are up on the path; walking along the road upon which they visualised themselves walking.

Visualisation is the first step, their question of me is the second, pass this to your readers.


Question - why cant I move on?
I saw a man and women, early 20s, in summer wear, in a canoe. She was using the paddle and he was behind her. She tried to turn her head a couple of times, but he would always motion for her to keep looking ahead.

When it looked as if she was looking back less and less I then saw him quietly move over the side of the canoe into the water and disappear beneath its surface. Not a bubble surfaced and nor did the canoe rock, the woman seemed not to even notice.

I was shown some flowers being gently dropped one by one into what looked like a flowing stream and this woman was saying something before letting go of each one.

Client fed back that, she fell in love whilst at university and during a boys only weekend in France whilst his friends swam he waded, not being able to swim when he stepped into deeper water he had drowned. She had been in England. Now in her forties my client calmed, comforted by the journey outcome and more especially for being shown how she could say goodbye.

Question - What will I experience if I choose to walk in a loving relationship with A
The words kept repeating, that there is no love greater than one who will protect another.

I was shown an image of a loving embrace, I experienced feeling protected, safe, loved, a feeling that all of these things will allow my client to grow e.g. for them to become who they are meant to become.

Question - Show me my life if I choose to walk in loving relationship with B
I was shown two wolves attacking each other at the throat, and then I saw each separate and walk in opposite directions.

I was shown a beautiful full moon in the distance a dark clear night and a lone (I felt female) wolf was howling up at the universe.

In the distance I could see a tree silhouetted against the sky line, it was dusk/night, seemingly no life left in it, no leaves, no birds, and no sign of life in any way shape or form. I felt that the tree was bone dry.

I heard he does not hold you in kindness.

Question - What will I experience if I walk in friendship with B
I see black rolling clouds and torrential rain looks to soak me in but moments.

I am shown an image of a couple awaking; it was clear in that the male was wondering how to get the lady to leave as he wanted to move into his day and seemingly without her presence in it.

I was shown a bottle of milk, a plated meal and a piece of paper with what looked like my clients name on it.

I heard, there can be no friendship between the two, and again I am reminded of the busy road, each of male/female on different sides, walking in opposite directions, with neither a shared glance. I heard they do not even see each other, how can a friendship truly exist in such a circumstance as this.

The Power of Flowers.

Literally from the off (post Reiki I and Shamanic Intro) I was totally amazed and in awe of what I would see happening within a clients energetic body. Over time I came to accept that my experience of Reiki looked to be very much Shamanically influenced.

With one client I was shown a hand gently brushing down the front of my clients body with what looked very much like a posy of sweet pea flowers. As I watched I could see that the flowers were turning to grey to black, when all were black I watched as the posy was placed into a jug of water and witnessed the toxicity? draining into the water, the flowers regaining their beauty of colour, the black looking water was poured onto earth.

What a beautiful way of removing toxicity from the heart location of the body.

Significance of flower(s) within a healing treatment (told to me by a plant ally).

The colour of a flower
Yellow: is hopeful / uplifting                         Blue: signifies that healing is underway
White: that there is nothing more to be done      Red: is alarm

Single flower is a signpost, look at its condition
Bulb: stocking up for re-growth/rejuvenation       Vibrant: health is fine
Wilting: body under siege                           Thorns: indicate aggression of illness
Dying: body over burdened                         Whether a flower is shown open or closed

Mixed flowers provide a more whole body approach
A bunch of flowers has greater significance than a single stem, greater potency
Size of bouquet, as the greater number of flowers, the greater the healing

I saw a daisy type flower, I saw something being sucked up the stem to the head of the flower, I then saw all the petals release and float away. It reminded me of energetic intrusion extraction, but in place of an energetic entity being removed, it was an illness extraction i.e. sucked up through stem, then released by the dispersing of the petals.

The above is an extract from a divination journey in respect of flowers (2011) if shown within a treatment.

My life journey has

had its difficulties, challenges, bumps and hiccups that were all to often all consuming. There was a time where I felt it was the wounds of my experiences that truly described who I was whereas now I see myself as the sum of a great many wounds healed.

It started off as just another day, but come evening I was going to have my life changed in a way that I could never have imagined nor envisioned.

In the space of what seemed a single moment I looked to co-exist in two realities, my physical self in one and my spiritual self in another. I felt I had a choice to make and depending on that choice my life would change, each would have a profound outcome, one for the better the other I suspected not.

I had never heard of the terms disassociation or Dark Night of the Soul, but came to know them both intimately. At an intuitive level I knew that I should not be alarmed, but rather patient, that I was being healed at a level inconceivable to me at that time.

I still remember with awe my first shamanic journeys!

As I followed the recommended shamanic journey methodology, I was amazed in that initially I looked to journey in 3 age aspects of self, toddler, teenager and young adult; said configuration looked to become the norm that first year.

Whilst I was not privy to see the exact healing process used on each of my earlier age aspects, it would however appear that play was involved with my toddler self, the acquiring of trust with my teenage self and courage with my adult self. I took the stance in that due to the volume of healing I required together with my advanced age suggested that for expediency the stack and pack approach was probably a wise call.

In truth I would say that others probably detected an awareness of change before I did and I say this because I became aware of change within myself as a result of awareness of change toward me of another(s). A lifetime of toxic outlook I guess requires a gentle change process so as not to overly alarm.

Today I feel the truth in that for every shamanic step I take, my allies will increase in number and take two. I more fully understand that shamanism is a partnership and that whilst assumption will take you nowhere, integrity of question and request will.

What is Shamanic Healing doing for me?

In the simplest of terms, it is allowing me to experience life,from a healed/ healing perspective

  • As ever more wounds are healed I ever feel myself change, and know that others sense/see this also
  • The more I heal the greater my capacity for compassion of self and another(s) grows
  • To be gifted awareness of the story behind a wound, is often as healing as the wound itself
  • It saddens me beyond measure to realise how some of my wounds were acquired or have been perpetuated
  • It brings forward understanding of how shamanism has survived 400,000 years as a healing discipline
  • Not least, it has brought magic into my life (literally!) and the knowing that I do not walk on my own.

It is said that when one is ready

the teacher will show. Over the next few months and years I learnt that the label teacher is a pseudonym and my life story became a Shamanic adventure of epic (by my standards) proportions. Today I feel nothing but blessed in that my training as a Professional Shamanic Practitioner means that I can share so much (healing) magic with you.

Why am I training to become a Shamanic Practitioner?

In truth it was purely for continued healing of self and my children, as Shamanism works on the principle of healing ancestral wounds as well as self wounds; meaning that my children would not carry unresolved wounds forward.

Having done a couple of Shamanic Courses and healed to a degree, it became apparent that in order to move more deeply into my own healing, I required a teacher with whom I held respect and would feel safe. Simon Buxton Director of The Sacred Trust was my preferred teacher and the 3 year professional shamanic practitioner course would provide the requisite teaching structure. Acceptance onto this world renowned course is by successful application only.

The first module showed me that in the face of unbelievable multi-sensory experiential outcome my fear of course failure was fractionally greater! Each subsequent module required the earlier one as a stepping platform, each bringing forward scepticism, doubt and disbelief on my part, completion in contrast to yield awe, amazement, appreciation and gratitude.

I no longer hold that this course will ever become simple or ordinary. I also doubt that any similar course would demand such diligence and rigour of experience and outcome. Accreditation is not guaranteed any more than acceptance was. Endeavour required on my part (always) to become the very best hollow bone that I can be. The truest of instrument so that healing can come to you through me.

HEALING EXAMPLE (Mollie and the Dolphin)

From my bringing her home for the first time, Mollie vomited literally the whole one hour journey. As she reached 8 months, despite all of my best efforts, literally within minutes of a car journey she would be violently sick. The only difference with age was vomit volume. I despaired of finding a solution, being totally averse to toxic medication and so by way of an experiment I did a shamanic journey to my diagnostic ally to ask if there was anything that could be done.

Diagnostic journey outcome brought forward that Mollie suffered from acute motion sickness the like of which she would never grow out of, the treatment suggestion was the gifting of a Power Animal.

The treatment journey brought forward DOLPHIN. When I asked why? I was shown an image of a Dolphin gently floating atop of an ocean swell.

I will own that I was so very sceptical, but to be honest was driven to give it a try. As per shamanic process the energetic qualities of Dolphin were energetically gifted to Mollie. The following day a fairly lengthy car journey resulted in only saliva wetness around her muzzle. The next journey not even that. Mollie has never been sick again and now owns the whole of the back seat, no more the tiniest corner. That one shamanic treatment was a life-changer for us both.

13 Shamanic Grandmothers

In October 2013 I attended the International Council of 13 indigenous (shaman) Grandmothers, whose life work is to try and restore Earth balance and harmony through intention and prayer. Each year and country in turn, they come together to share their wisdom, luck was with me in that it was being held in Nepal at the exact same time that I was there. I was beyond awed to be in their auspicious company. For those of you that have experienced a shamanic treatment with one practitioner, try and imagine the energy in the space with having 13! Take it from me, it was a memory that will never erase.

CLIENT Healing ps

I love that (after treatment) moment when I am able to ask the ally Im working with a question (or three!) usually along the lines of is there anything else you would like to share with my client? Magical is the only word that comes to mind!

Words of wisdom brought forward for one of my clients being:

Broad shoulders doesnt mean that he has to overburden them, just to see how strong they are! tell him to be more mindful of the rest of the structure upon which that weight will fall. That the skeleton is a complete compound you overburden one aspect of it, it will have a knock-on effect with the rest. Tell him to be more mindful of what he puts upon his shoulders, to be more mindful of the weakest link, which looks to be the knees, tell him to walk with a bit more care, otherwise he will soon need my services again.

It's all about RELATIONSHIP

Mine with my compassionate, loving, enlightened spiritual allies - yours with me.

I am continually reminded to ask for help when needed, not to assume it will be offered!

I pass that advice forward, I warmly invite that you ask through me of my allies - for their otherworldly insight into what is needed for you in this moment.

HOW DOES THAT LOOK? To start your healing journey it just requires your request that I do a diagnostic journey on your behalf, after which I would request consent to carry out the recommended (energetic level) shamanic treatment offered forward. Your self-governance is honoured at every step within this methodology of healing.


Post completion of a client treatment, I asked if there was anything she could share, on a personal level for me. I heard 'again I will draw your attention to the sands of time, that each and every day they fall through from what is ahead of you to what falls behind, there is not always the time available to continue considering how you would like your life to look, who you would choose to share it with, so to maybe visualise the sand-timer and to recognise that sometimes you need to make a change of footstep now rather than later!'