A Reiki Session is 45.00

Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher

On arrival you will be warmly welcomed by me, then comfortably settled (fully dressed) onto a luxury style Reiki healing couch, which is situated in a relaxing healing room environment. When comfortable I will ask if you would like a brief introduction to Byosen prior to commencement of your treatment.

I will firstly do a reading of your chakras by way of pendulum, as this will give me insight as to which are currently open, closed or out of alignment. I will then ask if you have any health concerns of which you would like for me to be aware. I may follow this with an (energy field hand scan) to see if I can detect any 'hotspot' body areas, which would indicate that a particular body aspect is in the process of self-healing.

You will then be even more comfortably settled upon the Reiki couch, by way of a warm blanket being placed atop, a comforter beneath your knees (for optimum spine comfort) and soothing music will be set to play quietly in the background..

Jikiden Method

My first hand position will be the brow, as this location encourages the pineal gland to gently release melatonin, which typically inside 5-8 minutes will have your body relaxed to a deep meditative state that I call the 'betwist/between', in that you are neither asleep nor awake - just very deeply relaxed.

I personally favour the Jikiden Reiki approach where contact atop a given chakra is (motionlessly) held by me until such time as Reiki energy ceases to flow, indicating that that particular body location has now received sufficient for its self-healing needs - then - I would move to a new chakra position. My first few positions are always head based, as there are several primary chakras in this location, as well as the fact that the Reiki energy will flow top down removing any 'energetic' restrictions to its flow enroute so that life enhancing Ki energy is able to pervade through to all body organs/tissues, assisting and supporting them with regard to achieving optimal health, promoting in you, a sense of wellbeing.

Byosen Experience

You may experience what feels to be a 'localised' heat source coming from the palms of my hands, this will be as a result of an increased Reiki energy flow being demanded by your body, e.g. to flow more abundantly at a given location in order to breakdown and disperse high levels of accumulated toxicity (e.g. stiff neck / frozen shoulder etc).

It is the experience that I receive however, that will indicate to me the extent of toxin accumulation in any given body location. Often in light of this energetic feedback, which I experience in a number of different ways (Byosen levels 1-5), will allow me to decide on how long I stay in any one chakra location before moving onto another. It will also be a deciding factor on whether I suggest that a second treatment would be beneficial.

  • If you were able to see your aura (e.g. the energetic covering of your physical body) both before and after a treatment, I feel that you     would be astonished to find it substantially changed.
  • You will be given a post treatment information card, reminding you of what a Reiki session looks to achieve and also brings forward         answers to questions that you may have.