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How Toxic The Heart!

Over the years I came to realise in that the most toxic area in the body looks to be that of the heart.
I learnt that whilst to all outward appearance a person can look well and healthy, that sometimes (energetically) the truth showed itself to be anything but.

Client example 1

Channelling Reiki via the head chakra positions brought forward in me a slight feeling of nausea, however on moving to my clients heart location the level of nausea within me became so strong that I had to quietly excuse myself from the room. I quickly went to my bathroom and was physically quite unwell for some minutes. On my quiet return I made sure that the heart chakra would be my final treatment position, by which time I found that the level of toxicity had substantially reduced as Reiki looked to have cleansed and cleared it away.

Client example 2

We live and learn! As I moved to my clients heart location the level of nausea within me spiralled in potency, the level of toxicity was such that it made me lose consciousness! I hit the solid oak floor within my treatment room like a sack of potatoes. I was out cold for several minutes.
How potent was the toxicity level within the heart location of that particular client? Suffice to say that the moment I experience nausea I now move location immediately.

Sometimes a full on Reiki training course is not necessarily the way.

Sometimes there is a specific health need within the family (sibling/parent/loved pet) where there is only the need to know sufficient to care for the well-being of that loved one.

If you feel this is you, then please contact me and I will be happy to help where I can.

I have now attuned two of my granddaughters to Reiki. It was a delight to watch their awe as the pendulum first stayed still to indicate that a palm chakra was closed, and then post attunement to swing in a manner to indicate that a palm chakra was open, being Reiki active!

Most beautiful was in witnessing their delight in being able to treat their mum to a health inducing relaxing Reiki treatment.

Post 1 of 2

After the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Ceremony (2013) I decided to backpack around Nepal using local bus and to head towards Pokhara. Having hiked for half a day, I rested intending to return the same way. As I rested a little girl came and said that her father invited me to lunch with them (image-red circle). I was so pleased that I had not refused as the meal was delicious. I was curious and so enquired about the old lady that lay on the truckle bed out front and was told that she had been knocked over by a motor cycle but that her broken lower leg was refusing to mend sufficient for her to stand. I offered a Reiki healing in exchange for my delicious meal.

The granddaughter told me the following day that to her grandmother the Reiki had felt like running water within her body and also wanted me to know that it was is her dearest wish to be able to stand beside her granddaughter at her wedding.

Post 2 of 2

For reason of caution I only applied a single (head) Reiki position for each of the 3 consecutive days that I saw her. I am so glad that I work with my eyes shut as on opening them I found what looked to be the whole village watching! Day 3 I looked to be watched by the occupants on the local bus! It is not the Nepalese way to be demonstrative in public and touching looks to be prohibited unless invited. So imagine my delight when I was asked to receive a hug and to be told that she would remember my kindness for the rest of her days. I cried. I feel the kindness aspect came in due to her location requiring either a 3 hour walk or a one hour bus ride.

Imagine my delight on receiving a Facebook invitation from the granddaughter showing me a picture of her stood alongside her grandmother on her wedding day. What a truly beautiful gift Reiki can be for a complete stranger! being one that requires nothing more than you and a loving intention to help self or another.