About Me...

I have always been one who preferred the natural to the synthetic, the authentic to the contrived, and the person to the outfit. Curious by nature and having raised my beautiful family, I decided to travel to far away parts of the world, to experience the freedom found outside of familial responsibility, where I could challenge myself to be the adventurer of which I had always dreamed.

Travels introduced me to both Reiki and Shamanism and whilst the former I feel aided my healing process I am beyond sure in that it was Shamanism that brought about radical healing change within me, enabling me to understand how life's wounds can drain energy from one's body, joy from one's heart and clarity of judgement and direction from ones mind.

REIKI introduced me to the MAGIC of Byosen, being the energetic frequency that is emitted from a tense injured or ill body part typically due to the accumulation of toxins. It is a palpable and measurable reaction of the body to the incoming Reiki energy as part of the healing process.

SHAMANISM introduced me to the WORLD of MAGIC, being the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind; archaeological evidence dates the practice back at least 40,000 years. The fact that the practice has survived and thrived for tens of thousands of years speaks to the potency of the work.     Shamanism is based on the practice of establishing heart based relationships with enlightened, ascended elders that desire to bless us with their gifts of wisdom and healing.     For me Shamanism is the aspect of humanity that looks to have been forgotten.

I am now two (of nine) modules short of completing a Shamanic Practitioner (3 year professional accredited training with The Sacred Trust; trained by Simon Buxton). I am so very excited!

The tide is turning I feel, as the number of Shamanic Session requests now number in their 100's, in contrast Reiki in 10's.

My Training. tab lists the different Reiki and Shamanic training courses that I have attended in my endeavour to learn and grow.