The Chakras Explained......

The human chakra system can be said to act as a sort of multi-channel receiver of vibrations from different parts of the energy spectrum all around us. The purpose or function of the human chakra system is to take in higher-dimensional energy from the universal energy field all around us and translate or step down its frequency of vibration to that which can be used within the physical body.

Each major chakra vibrates or spins at a different rate, and each chakra will absorb energy from our environment that is harmonically related to its own frequency. This energy is then absorbed by the different chakras and then directed by the internal energy meridians to those organs with which that chakra is associated.

There are 7 main chakras, each positioned along the full length of the spine, each having a direct relationship with primary organs within the body.

Many minor chakras are also located throughout the body, and are usually associated with joints such as the knee, shoulder, elbow etc, also found in the palms of both hands and the soles of both the feet.

Chakras are an important aspect of our inner bodys energy system and intimately connected with our physical health. When energised, balanced and open, our chakras contribute to immune system health and the bodys ability to heal itself, but if a particular chakra is not, then the health of the associated body parts will begin to reflect this.

When a chakra accumulates negative energy, in whatever format or form, the other chakras overcompensate for the resulting blockage and the entire chakra system then becomes unbalanced, leading to an unfavourable influence on the physical, emotional or mental self aspects. In other words you may well begin to experience symptoms of ill-health.

Crown Chakra.   Pineal (Secretes a hormone which may help regulate patterns of sleeping and waking)potential health issue with: nervous system, mind and whole body.

Brow Chakra.   Pineal/Pituitary (Makes hormones that control several other endocrine glands)potential health issue with: brain, hypothalamus, endocrine system, head, eyes and face.

Throat Chakra.   Thyroid/Parathyroid (Hormones control the rate at which cells burn fuel from food in order to produce energy)potential health issue with: metabolism, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, neck and throat.

Heart Chakra.   Thymus (Is the control centre of our immune system and operates our defence against viral type infections e.g. colds) potential health issue with: respiration, circulation, immune system, heart, lungs, upper back, arms and hands.

Solar Plexus Chakra.   Pancreas Secretes the hormone insulin needed for the metabolism of sugar) potential health issue with: digestive system, liver, spleen, small intestine, gall bladder, middle back and muscles.

Sacral Chakra.   Adrenal Glands (Produces the steroid hormone which balances salt,sugar and water concentration in the body. It also produces adrenalin which stimulates the body's response to stress (by raising heart and blood pressure)and balancing the immune and metabolism systems) potential health issue with: blood, large intestine, skin, urinary tract, kidneys and lower back.

Root Chakra.   Ovaries/Testes (Secretes the hormones, oestrogen/progesterone/testosterone which controls sexual development, sex drive and fertility) potential health issue with: feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, skeleton, uterus, prostrate and reproductive system.

The Aura Explained......

The auric field or aura completely surrounds our physical body, being as much a part of us as the physical body itself. Because it vibrates at a higher frequency to that of the physical body, it tends to require specialist photographic equipment to view.

The aura is comprised of Ki or life force energy, being present around each of us from birth until just before death. Each layer of the aura vibrates at a higher frequency and has a colour and life aspect association.

The state of the aura is a very important element of our health, uncleared blockages or damage will, via our Chakra system, eventually have an impact upon our physical health, initially as a symptom and if left unchecked with the potential to become an ailment or illness.

A persons aura can be seen as a fluctuating ebb/flow of energetic movement, brought about through momentary thoughts interacting with or influencing our emotions, these then being registered and stored within the aura as either a negative or positive life influence. Hence a persons aura contains a wealth of information relating to their past as well as present state of being and health.

As shown by the image, the 7 auric layers surrounding the human physical body is seen as a hazy light. Each auric layer interacts with adjacent auric layers as well as their respective associated inner chakra. Information is mirrored externally/internally (and vice versa) with regard to a person's immediate external environment. I.e. a personal 'force field' attuned to each and every life aspect felt by you! in every moment...

Each auric layer relates to the physical, emotional and spiritual conditions of a person. Energetic vibrations of a person's thoughts, feelings, state of health, awareness and past experiences are stored in the different auric layers. shows aura image.

Image taken with a kirlian camera, shows energetic activity of the 7 main chakras, situated along the full length of the spine.

Image of a persons auric field taken with a kirlian camera, shows the extent to which a person's aura can extend into their immediate environment! On a moment by moment, thought by thought, experience by experience basis. Which is why when we stand close to another person, we can 'intuit' lots of data about them...

Image shows two auric fields, one shows itself to be intact, the other fragmented. The problem with a fragmented auric field is that the first line of 'health' defence is compromised.

Reiki OR Shamanic sessions will offer you invaluable insight in respect of your health and well-being.