Divination Journey

The Divination Journey is when the shamanic practitioner journeys to meet with their Divination Ally, on your behalf, and respectfully request that they are given a reply to the question given to them by you.

The Divination Journey question outcome shared with you represents MY EXPERIENCE at an energetic level, typically metaphorical in format and consequently is NOT INTENDED to be viewed by you within a literal context.

  • All insights are typically relayed to the practitioner in metaphor, for the client to interpret.

The beauty of the metaphor is that it is UNIQUE TO YOU! Only you have the key with which to accurately interpret the wisdoms being offered to you. Metaphoric interpretation encourages a self-reflection process, revealing ever deeper layers of insight and understanding on your part, on what is being brought forward FOR YOUR attention.

    What is a Metaphor?
  • A metaphor can convey information and message in a much more powerful and inspiring way than by direct statement. The metaphor stimulates creative thought more effectively.
  • A metaphor is less threatening or confronting than direct messages, it allows for easier acceptance of what is being imparted or rejection if they are not yet ready to deal with the issue.
  • A metaphor is by its nature ambiguous rather than direct or clear; it encourages deep listening and self-searching within the person who listens to it.

    What distinguishes between the ways that a shamanic practitioner works versus say a spiritual medium?
  • The distinguishing factor is that after the question has been answered, the shamanic practitioner can then ask if there is work that can be done to attend the basis e.g. the root cause, that brought about the asking of the question by the client in the first place.

  • Shamanic treatment may well be suggested in order to address the (oft unconscious) basis/root cause that prompted the question to be asked in the first place.

Mediumship Session

Spirit Embodiment is when the shamanic practitioner journeys to meet with their Divination Ally and requests that they fully merge with them so that in that fully merged state, the client who is required to be present and sat before them, can ask their question directly of the divination ally.

Spirit Embodiment question outcome is shared directly with the client in real time, as in the merged state the shamanic practitioner is given an interpreted account by their divination ally which in turn is relayed directly to the client who is sat before them.

  • All insights are typically relayed to the practitioner in interpreted format, there is no need for interpretation on the part of the client.

    Spirit Embodiment Method

    Divination Ally (spirit) embodiment:

  • All of my ally(s) words will pass directly through me, to you.
  • All words will have their origin in him (a loving compassionate, enlightened being).
  • There will be moments of stillness whilst I listen to what he is saying / or paying attention to what is being shown to me
  •     (so please dont speak).
  • Nothing will be spoken that could be held in a hurtful or harmful way to any future footstep(s) that you (the client) may choose to take.
  • Everything uttered (by my divination ally) will come from the heart, a place of love and compassion.
  •    (He knows that the human enjoys their drama, but this will not be offered by him, only wisdom.)

    I would add that from experience my divination/medium ally brings forward only what you have a need to know and not what you
    think you want to hear.