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Reiki Course Feedback.

I am a very busy working mum of 4 young children, and have recently spent time with Jean on a Reiki retreat, where over a period of a week I was attuned to Reiki I and II, as well as having an amazing Reiki treatment experience whilst I was there. Jean attuned me to Reiki I and II as I had an operation planned to repair a hernia, and I wanted to be able to aid / speed up my healing when at home. Since returning home from hospital I have been able to keep my pain relief intake to a minimum as I am becoming more confident and able to deliver Reiki to the affected area. I would whole heartedly recommend Jean Ormerod's Reiki Retreat, it's exactly what I needed!
Vicki Herts.

My daughter was diagnosed with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (aka abdominal migraines) when she was 2.5 years old. Episodes generally lasted for between 24-48 hours - bringing forward recurrent episodes of vomiting and a persistent migraine. It was not uncommon for these episodes to happen on a weekly basis. Over time we worked out that her biggest triggers were tiredness, anxiety and stress we decided to manage them more with routine, lifestyle, supplements and support; rather than prolonged use of prescription medication (which came with a vast array of side effects). My daughter, who is now approaching 9 years; is still learning ways to relax, as her mind can work overtime to make mountains out of mole hills and work herself into an episode of migraine and vomiting - especially when there is a change going on in her life. My daughter was attuned to Reiki I when she was 8 and to Reiki II just this last week. The intention being to use Reiki to move from a state of anxiety and stress to one of relaxed and calm, as her biggest trigger for a migraine attach was tiredness and anxiety. So fingers crossed rather than putting medical toxins into her body on a regular basis to promote pain relief, we can work together to use Reiki to calm her into a deep sleep- the best remedy for relieving the episodes.
Beth Herts

Dear Jean, I would like you to put a testimonial on your website following the wonderful knowledge you inparted to Geoff and I. We undertook Reiki 1 & 2 over a long weekend and it was intense.... but such an inspirational and life changing weekend. I didn't really know what to expect but this experience has changed forever the way I will think, behave and respond to others. Opening the channels for healing others is a humbling and completly worthwhile step forward in my life. I will always be grateful that we met Jean, and how your passion to support other's growth and healing has moved me into a place where I can be of so much more value to all treasured beings on earth. In love and light Sally Xx

Reiki Treatment Feedback.

Jean since the Reiki treatment you gave me (April) I have been on top! As a very busy working mum of 4 young children, I had become used to always feeling tired; it had a normal feeling within my day to day life. I seriously thought that you had left me to sleep for a good 3-4 hours; I was cross on awaking because I thought the whole afternoon/ evening had gone by!! To have that rested feeling of a deep sleep of several hours, within 50 minutes.. AMAZING!!! That treatment has seriously seen me right, like I said on your forum; something has shifted for me- tiredness/ stress... I just feel back on track and not weighted down..!! The best way to explain how I felt after this treatment is 'lighter', a weight has been shifted. In turn I have felt more relaxed and energised- more positive! Thank you Jean xx
Vicki Herts

When I arrived for my Reiki treatment there was such a calming atmosphere - lamps/candles gave the room a soft glow, a herbal smell wafted through the air and music played quietly in the background. Jean was so professional and thorough in explaining what she would be doing and what I could expect from the treatment… The heat that radiated from her hands was unbelievable. During the treatment I have to say I could feel when something was 'shifting' and at one point I began to cry. I didn't feel embarrassed because I had been warned that this could happen. It was a brief emotional moment but it seemed to make a huge difference because after that I was sighing deeply and became more and more relaxed… We then had a chat about what we each had experienced during the treatment which was very impressive because Jean had picked up on a few health things that I had been concerned about … A very relaxing and pleasant experience and I look forward to having another treatment in the near future. I feel lighter and more positive, I'm raring to go and get on with my life minus a few worries I left behind. Thanks Jean!!!
MI Porthtowan.

Never having been involved in any way with Reiki or any other healing treatment, I definitely 'threw down the gauntlet' and challenged you to get through to me. I refused to close my eyes as instructed and thought you would have your work cut out convincing me. How wrong I was! Very soon, I felt very relaxed, had my eyes closed and drifted nicely. I was very aware of the heat transmitted which surprised me, it was actually quite an intense heat, something I had not thought possible. The hour and a half went very quickly and when you told me you were done, I felt as if I had just woken up after a good night's sleep. You also picked up on the two main things I have wrong with me. You told me I had a problem with my throat and my left side. I have an underactive thyroid for which I take tablets and I only have one kidney that works, my left one, my kidney function has been poor this last year and has been a considerable worry.... You totally 'convinced' me, it was a warm, caring experience and I think you are very good at what you do.
IR Helston.

I thought the candles and incense etc gave the room a lovely warm and healing feel to it. I could not believe how very deeply relaxed i became in such a very short time - all busy thoughts just vanished. The images and feelings i experienced were amazing - I can honestly say that i did not want the session to end! wanted to stay in that lovely 'out of time' state for hours.... For me though i would have to say that it was later that day when i realised that a persistent and nagging back problem, that has had me in despair so many times, was no longer present! was the absolute best part, for that alone my heartfelt thanks.
VF Hayle.

After my second session I was very much aware that something had fundamentally shifted, on an energy level for me. I felt something that i had not felt for a long time, hope... and the feeling that, instead of being closed and feeling down sometimes, that i would now be open to a new relationship. I feel that my treatment sessions with Jean definitely made a big difference in how i now feel - thank you.
SW St Agnes.

Since my mum passed away earler this year, I had become aware of a couple of health problems, a reaction to my loss i feel. Jean had no idea of the details but picked up on them immediately during my first treatment, which was remarkable. My second treatment also. These Reiki experiences with Jean has certainly opened up my mind to the benefits of Reiki. I now feel that it can address the emotional trauma felt by me as a result of my mum's passing. I feel so much better and look forward to my third session - thank you.
MJ Portreath.

The 'Reiki' room had a really good feel to it, so quickly felt relaxed and comfortable. The healing itself was thorough as i felt that some stuff i'd picked up in life had been shifted (experiences came to mind I hadn't realised i still held...) It also brought into the light issues from my past that i didn't realise i was even carrying, so again much food for thought. Excellent, highly recommend Reiki Portreath/Jean and will be having further sessions.
MH Hayle.

Thank you so much. The feeling of greater well-being is undeniable and I certainly feel more positive than I have for quite a while. I certainly felt the energy, most of the time as heat, sometimes surprisingly intense. The immediate benefits seem to be feelings of enhanced self-esteem and positivity, which I hope will stay with me. You certainly have some special skills and qualities.
MB Redruth.

I had no idea what to expect and to be honest was more interested in what a Reiki session would be like, and how I would feel afterwards than any health benefit. It was a very calming and deeply relaxing experience; I relaxed so deeply that all my thought processes like worry, troubles, happy, bad kinda stuff just got dropped as my brain totally relaxed and I fell into a sort of sleep. I would say the experience definitely exceeded any expectation I had as I felt so much better afterwards, vastly more energetic and more positive etc.
BS Portreath.

REIKI is complementary to all other healing methods.