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SHAMANISM is recognised as being the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind; archaeological evidence dates the practice back at least 40,000 years. The fact that the practice has survived and thrived for tens of thousands of years speaks to the potency of the work. Shamanism is based on the practice of establishing heart based relationships with wise, compassionate, transcended, enlightened ones that desire to bless us with their gifts of wisdom and healing.

For me every shamanic journey is an adventure as by its nature I am never sure what manner of healing or wisdom will be imparted

Whilst at first glance there looks to be a divergence of thought between western and shamanic worldviews regarding illness and health, at a fundamental core level however you may be surprised to realise in that both western medicine and shamanic practice each view disease as a result of the weakening of the immune system/soul and the intrusion of invisible malevolent organisms/spirits into the person causing the disease.

In both cases the purpose of the healing is to extract or rid the person of the disease-causing agent. These disease-bearing agents (invisible malevolent organisms/spirits) reveal their pathogenic nature in presenting particular symptoms and can only be treated by identification and removal from the body.

Dis-ease represents a loss of necessary life-force energy. Ones ability to keep their personal life-force energy within is what maintains optimum health. Dis-ease is typically informing of either an excess or a lack and healing lies in the balancing of the two.

The most common disorders with which shamans deal are soul loss, loss of power and illness caused by a spirit or power intrusion of some sort.

What we may achieve through shamanic work is the ability to deal with situations more effectively, coming from our power and wisdom rather than allowing situations in to our lives to victimise us.

(the original form of Reiki)
Is a Japanese 'energetic massage' healing technique applied by way of gentle, non-intrusive laying on of hands over primary chakra locations. The difference between Jikiden and Usui Reiki methods, is that with Jikiden you do not move from a given primary chakra location whilst there is still a strong Byosen experience within the practitioner's palms; whereas with the Usui method, chakra change is made every 5 minutes regardless.   

This technique founded by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900's, part based on Buddhist philosophy, looks to work on the physical mental emotional and spiritual aspects of the human body for purpose of restoring energetic flow and balance in support of self-healing and total body relaxation.


A Reiki Healing Session would typically look to:

All Byosen energy movements detected by me, a palpable/measurable healing reaction on your part, will be explained to you after your session by way of graph/diagram, you will also be given a post treatment information sheet to give you further insight into your session outcome.