Reiki Energy Massage by Jean

Reiki Treatment by Jean......

Treatments Available:

  • Reiki Treatment (Diagnostic) 45.00 1.5 hrs
  • Reiki Treatment (Traditional) 30.00 1.0 hr
  • Reiki Treatment (L/R Energy Balance) 30.00 1.0 hr

What could I expect to experience during a Reiki treatment?

You will be warmly welcomed, comfortably settled (fully dressed) upon a luxury massage couch, a warm blanket placed atop, a comforter beneath your knees (for optimum spine comfort) and soothing music set to play. I will ask if you have an especial need within the Reiki session after which I will do a preliminary body check (using a pendulum/hand scan) to ascertain the wellbeing of your primary chakras. I will use this (body) feedback to determine which chakra energising hand positions will best serve your needs within this Reiki treatment. Very often I find that my findings will correlate with your feelings of 'unease' or 'discomfort' in a particular body area.

You will experience the lightest of impersonal touches, as I channel Reiki energy into each of your major chakras (of which there are 7), via my palms. I will do this by cupping my hands gently atop a chakra location in order to create an energetic connection, via which your body will draw in Reiki energy. I always start with the head (as there are several primary chakra locations in this area), I also find that starting at the head quickly moves you into a deeply relaxed (meditative) state of body/mind as the Reiki energy moves rapidly through the meridians (a network of energy byways that run top to toe), removing any 'energetic' restrictions to its flow so that life enhancing Ki energy is able to pervade through to all body organs/tissues, assisting and supporting them with regard to achieving optimal health, promoting in you, a sense of wellbeing.

You may experience what feels to be a 'localised' heat source coming from the palms of my hands, as a result of an increased Reiki energy flow being demanded by your body, e.g. to flow more abundantly at a given location in order to breakdown and disperse high levels of accumulated toxicity (e.g. stiff neck / frozen shoulder etc).

It is the experience that I receive however, that will indicate to me the extent of toxin accumulation in any given body location. Often in light of this energetic feedback, which I experience in a number of different ways (Byosen levels 1-5), will allow me to decide on how long I stay in any one position before moving onto another. It will also be a deciding factor on whether I suggest that a second treatment would be beneficial.

  • If you were able to see your aura (e.g. your energetic body protector) both before and after a treatment, I feel that you would find it much changed/improved.

Reiki Analogy by Jean.

With well over 2000 treatments behind me and many energy (training) courses attended, I now have a far greater understanding of the human energy body and in essence have come to the conclusion that - for me - Reiki is a life enhancing energy, in that it assists us in maintaining a healthy mind/body, and most importantly - a kind outlook and loving heart.


Draw in the form of atmospheric 'fundamental' energy which can be assimilated by living organisms - better known as 'life force' energy - they do so by way of openings called stomates.


Supports the two way flow of life between roots and leaves.


Absorb the mineral nutrients available from the earth / the water by way of rainfall.


Draw in the form of atmospheric 'fundamental' energy which can be assimilated by living organisms - better known as 'life force' energy - they do so by way of energy substations (or energetic portals) called chakras.

Human Body.

Supports the two way flow of life between digestion and chakras.


Absorb the mineral nutrients available from the foods we eat / the water that we drink.

  • I draw an analogy between the leaves of a tree and our chakra system - as each draws in by way of synthesis the life force energy that surrounds our planet.
  • I draw an analogy between the tree trunk and the human body - as each supports the symbiosis between the upper and lower processes.
  • I draw an analogy between the tree root system and the human digestive system, as each metabolises available (physical) elements that contribute to our health.

If either upper or lower processes are compromised in any way e.g. Chakras blocked / nutritional intake poor - then (in my opinion) it is not going to ne possible for optimum health to be experienced.

OPTIMUM HEALTH is considerably ENHANCED if Chakras are open and nutritional intake healthy.

REIKI is complementary to all other healing methods.