Reiki Energy Massage by Jean

Reiki Courses Offered......

The beauty of my having attended many different Reiki and Shamanic training courses, in my opinion, is that it has allowed me to acquire a breadth/depth of understanding and knowledge from a great many Reiki teacher perspectives, which together with a depth of personal insight gathered from running my own Reiki practice, now enables me to offer Reiki I and II courses that offer (I feel) the best of those methods taught to me. As a consequence my courses tend to have a greater Eastern influence and a lesser Western influence; each being intrinsically underpinned by a core Shamanic principle in that it is the lens through which one chooses to look, that will define your experience of what you see.

Reiki Level I

In my opinion - is a total life enhancer - for self as well as others.

Full details supplied upon request.
Training/Manual includes:

  • Reiki Principles.
  • History.
  • Treatments and Ethics.
  • Introduction to the power symbol.
  • Introduction to the power symbol.
  • Introduction to Byosen.
  • Introduction to Pendulum as Chakra diagnostic tool.
  • Introduction to Self Treatment methods.
  • Self / Other Practice.

Duration: 1.25 days (to include one client treatment)

Price: 175.00

Reiki Level II

In my opinion - offers a greater skill set with regard to treatment options.

Full details supplied upon request.
Training/Manual includes.

  • Explanation of 'energy', 'chakras' and 'auras'
  • Introduction to the Distance healing symbols.
  • Ethics of distance treatments.
  • Distance treatment methods.
  • Practice of distance healing methods.
  • Introduction/practice - left/right body balancing method.

Duration: 1.25 days (to include one client treatment)

Price: 195.00

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My Personal Reiki Experiences.

After more than 500 hours of (self) Reiki sessions, I feel that I now have incredible insight with regard to my energetic body. I know that when it is well, there will be little to no demand for Reiki, an occasional 5-10 minute (maintenance) dose only. However, when my body is moving toward a state of ill-health, my body's demand for Reiki increases 10 fold.

I am alerted to a potential health problem, by the intensity and duration of flow within a (self) Reiki session. Byosen has universally recognised cycles, which allows me to identify the potential severity of ill-health currently manifesting within me. By doing Reiki on a daily basis and recognising the decrease in intensity and duration of Reiki flow allows me to recognise when my body has completed the self-healing process.

I have found a way for my body to communicate; very clearly, it's current state of health, giving me the opportunity to either self-heal by way of Reiki or to seek medical assistance.

For anyone who wishes to maintain a healthy body, at an energetic level, as it this level which provides support for the physical level, then I would highly recommend studying Reiki at Level I.

My (Client) Reiki Experiences

Having completed well over 1000 treatments (in total) my awe in the power of Reiki remains 100% undiminished. I believe as our lifestyles become ever more multifaceted, emotional attachments ever greater, foods that we consume ever more processed and refined, that eventually our bodies will begin to fail in their endeavour to keep us in optimal health. Reiki (in my opinion) helps us maintain a high level of optimal health, so that despite the ingestion of chemicals and toxins, the harbouring of emotions and stress, that these can be reduced/removed allowing life enhancing 'Ki' energy to again flow freely to all parts of our body nourishing as required.

The images below show some of my Reiki client experiences whilst in Thailand and Nepal. Despite unbelievable levels of stress and discomfort (on their part), without fail I noticed that each very quickly succumbed to the healing Reiki induced sleep, allowing them to step aside of their illness for the duration of the treatment. On the one hand it was truly humbling to witness their level of belief in the healing capabilities of Reiki, on another heart-warming to watch their animated (appreciative and wonderment) gestures as they tried to explain to me their Reiki experience.

Examples of Reiki Outcomes.


From personal experience, I have witnessed unbelievable Reiki healing outcomes, one of the most amazing, in my opinion, being that of my German Pointer (Poppy) who was a casualty of a 40 foot cliff slide, the outcome being broken bones and torn ligaments/muscles in a hind leg. The vet set her leg, though long term outcome was questionable. For 3 nights I slept alongside her and let the Reiki draw all night, after which I then moved to twice daily, an hour or so at a time. Not 6 weeks later, but 10 days later her leg was well on the way to total recovery. The vet did another x-ray, wanting verification, and was amazed to find that the leg would not require pinning, that the level of calcification around the break was hardly noticeable and that due to the speed in which her leg had healed there was no obvious sign as to which one had nearly been torn off.

Whereas Tam, my Whippet, was not so lucky, in that I was working in Mexico at the time of her break, hence she received only veterinary treatment. Outcome, her leg has been a constant source of discomfort, there is excessive calcification around the mend and owing to the lengthy healing process, her leg has never shown itself to be especially robust, hence I feel she prefers to use just her 3 good ones.


Whilst doing a Reiki training course in Cheltenham, at a local farm a lamb had been recently born with insufficient strength in its hind legs to support it properly, being a concern for the farmer. However after 4 Reiki sessions over the period of a week (by Sally - a newly attuned Reiki I and II student) the outcome a confident bouncing lamb - fully able to support its leaps and bounds as it played with its siblings.

My Reiki Lineage.

REIKI is complementary to all other healing methods.